Bloody Pit Of Horror; Crimson Exacutioner, The; Red Hangman, The

2522. BLOODY PIT OF HORROR (The Crimson Executioner) (The Red Hangman) (1965-USA-Italy) COLOR. With MICKEY HARGITAY. Based on the writings of THE MARQUIS DE SADE. The Crimson Executioner is a maniacal torturer who is obsessed with the idea that all people are impure and must be put to death. This shocking and frightening horror film opens in the year 1648, as the Executioner himself is put to death by impalement inside an Iron Maiden in the dungeon of his castle. That bloody closet of death becomes his tomb as his slayers place a seal over the lock, and the castle sits abandoned for more than 300 years. Then one day, a publisher and writer invade the walled fortress with a camera crew and several beautiful models to shoot photographs for horror- novel book covers. Once inside, they meet a strange and sinister man who claims ownership of the castle and warns them to stay out of the dungeon. This man has an obsession about purity, much in the same fashion as The Crimson Executioner. In this terrifying modern-day horror film, which is as absorbing as it is disturbing, the lively group of models and publishing folk will learn the agonizing pain of medieval tortures firsthand as they become victims of a psychotic sadist! Dubbed in English. 83 minutes. Horror