Body Snatcher From Hell; Goke, Body Snatcher From Hell; Goke The Vampire

2713. BODY SNATCHER FROM HELL (Goke, Body Snatcher From Hell) (Goke The Vampire) (1977-Japan) COLOR. An Air Japan flight soars through the sky on what should be an ordinary and uneventful trip. Suddenly, the sky turns bright red. One of the pilots notes that the plane is seemingly “flying in a sea of blood.” This is the first in a series of shocking and disturbing events that will affecr all on board. Just after the sky changes color, birds begin committing suicide by playing kamikaze and crashing into the plane. It is as if they are terrified of something and sense impending doom. Next, the pilots receive a disturbing message: A bomb might have been smuggled on board the plane by a psycho who is determined to commit suicide by blowing up the aircraft. Then, a mysterious flying object is detected gliding through the sky and heading toward earth with the intention of destroying Japan. The plane then crashes. It inexplicably seems to have landed not on earth, but on another planetĂ‘one that is barren and lifeless…and highly dangerous. As the scenario further unfolds, remember these words: “Your planet is our target and now we plan to annihilate all mankind. The time has come. Mankind is on the verge of destruction.” Is it too lale to save the world? Find out as this highly provocative and truly terrifying science fiction thriller heads to its conclusion. Dubbed in English. 83 minutes. Science Fiction