Boom In The Moon

2468. BOOM IN THE MOON (1946-Mexico). With BUSTER KEATON. Many Buster Keaton fans will be surprised to learn that their idol actually starred in a science fiction comedy shot in the vicinity of Mexico City! This is that rare and zany film whose plot unfolds at the end of World War II. Buster plays a lonely shipwreck survivor who, upon reaching land, mistakenly assumes himself to be a prisoner of war in Japan. Buster really has reached a small town in Mexico. There the mistaken identity theme escalates, as he is thought to be a modern Bluebeard who has murdered six young women. He is thrown into jail with another accused killer. The two prisoners nervouslyÑ and comicallyÑ await execution until an inept lunatic scientist enlists them as pilots for his experimental atomic rocket trip to the moon. Along with the professor’s beautiful niece, they blast off in a vehicle that appears to be a cross between an aluminum-covered blimp and a house trailer! Of course, they do not reach the moon, but nobody tells them so. This is a delightfully offbeat comedy of errors featuring the graceful and acrobatic Keaton in his legendary porkpie hat. Dubbed in English. 69 minutes. Keaton