Brain, The

2327. THE BRAIN (1962-England-Germany). With ANNE HEYWOOD, PETER van EYCK, CECIL PARKER, BERNARD LEE, JACK McGowran. In the science laboratory of Dr. Peter Corrie, a sepaÂrated monkey brain sends out waves, which are slowly weakening. Clearly, the brain is dying. A new one is needed for Corrie’s experiments. The doctor and his associates are called to attend the vicÂtims of a private plane crash in which an unidentified man lies close to death. Hours later a newly separated human brain transmits strong waves in Corrie’s lab. The staff has secretly purloined the brain of the crash victim, who turns out to be the ruthless and super-wealthy tycoon Max Holt. So powerful are the transmissions of the late Mr. Holt’s brain that they begin to influence Dr. Corrie through a mysterious telepathy. The brain wants to know the cause of the plane crash. It wants to exact vengeance on the evildoer who caused Holt’s murder. Manipulated by the brain, the scientist weaves through a nightmarish labyrinth of characters to find the guilty party. If all this sounds vaguely like the 1953 classic “Donovan’s Brain,” there’s a very good reason! As the brain beats steady rhythms within a glass case, the audience is taken on a pulse-pounding tour of possible murÂderers. Are you brave enough to make the trip? 83 minutes. Science Fiction