Brass Monkey; Lucky Mascot, The

2407. BRASS MONKEY (The Lucky Mascot) (1947-England). With CARROLL LEVIS, CAROLE UNDIS, HERBERT LOM, ERNEST THESIGER, TERRY-THOMAS. Popular 1940s radio personality Carroll Levis (who was known as “Britain’s favorite Canadian”) stars as himself in this intriguing whodunit. He inadvertently becomes embroiled in a caper involving the smuggling of a priceless brass monkey into England. The potential buyer is Mr. Ryder-Harris (played with finesse by veteran character actor Ernest Thesiger). This eccentric gentleman claims the ancient artifact is “beyond human value to any follower of Buddhism.” Levis has been given the monkey by his friend Kay Sheldon, who is a former talent discovery. She obtained the relic from her fiancee, who happens to be one of London’s most disreputable fences of stolen goods. The monkey lands in the clutter of Levis’ office and is promptly mislaid. Then, chaos follows as several unscrupulous parties try to steal the monkey, resulting in murder and mayhem. Amid all of this “monkey business,” an array of musical and comedy performers audition for and appear on “The Levis Hour,” our hero’s weekly radio program. Outstanding among the entertainers is gap-toothed farceur Terry-Thomas in a very comical early film appearance. 81 minutes. Crime Mystery Suspense