Bread, Love, And Dreams

1747. BREAD, LOVE AND DREAMS TI9S4-ITAIY). With vitrorio desica, gina lollobrigida, MACISA MERUNI, ROBERTO RISSO. “Performances Under the Supervision Of VITTORIO DE SICA.” Despite its all-encompassing title, the primary focus Of this simple, hearty comedy is love, and the art Of seduction. De Sica, one Of Italy’s most respected filmmakers who also enjoyed a career in front Of the camera, stars as The Marshal I: a dapper, middle-aged bachelor who’s the new chief Of a six-man police unit in a small, picturesque mountain village. Not much happens here; in fact, the town residents have so little to do that they’ve become obsessed with gossiping, and becoming involved in each other’s business. So there’s much ado when their new top cop commences to flirt with, and then ardently pursue, the town’s sexiest-and most tempestuous and devilish young maiden, who is most appropriately known as “Frisky”. The Marshall must be ever so careful as he does so, because Of his age and position in the community. De Sica plays him masterfully, in a performance that is first a series Of subtle, artfully maneuvered glances, smiles and raised eyebrows, then a caricature Of a desperate, longing suitor. He’s matched by Lollobrigida, a movie goddess who was capable Of Offering carefully considered, well-defined characterizations. Her “Frisky” is more than just a cardboard sex object La Lollo Offers a piercing performance as she mimics the various townsmen who paw at her and deflects the Marshall’s passes, reminding one and all with her body language that she, and not the Marshal I, or any man, is the one with the true power when it comes to matters Of the heart. The stars are surrounded by a fine supporting cast, notably Roberto Risso as the shy young policeman who happens to be the object Of Frisky’s affection and Marisa Merlini as a midwife who, it would seem, is a more appropriate romantic partner for the Marshall. Dubbed into English. 91 minutes. Romance Comedy