Bride For Henry, A

1915. A BRIDE FOR HENRY (1937-USA). With ANNE NAGEL, WARREN HULL. Produced by DOROTHY (MRS. WALLACE) REID. This bright, sexy screwball farce tells the story Of Sheila Curtis, a wealthy, arrogant young miss who is known for selfishly playing with the feelings Of her various male admirers. Sheila is due to for a comeuppance, which occurs when she is stood up at the altar by pompous Eric Reynolds. On the rebound, and on a whim, she weds handsome Henry Tuttle, an attorney who secretly loves her and who, she observes, “has always gotten me out Of jams before.” After the ceremony. Sheila informs Henry that “our marriage is purely a social gesture, to save a social situation.” Furthermore, she fully expects that their union will remain forever unconsummated. Henry, though, will not be intimidated by his petulant bride. The plot thickens upon the arrival Of Eric, who missed his nuptials because he “went to a movie.” This is the ideal juncture for Henry to hatch a scheme to eliminate his rival and, by arousing her jealousy, transform Sheila into a “real” wife. 51 minutes. Screwball Comedy