Bride Of The Gorilla

2038. BRIDE OF THE GORILLA (1951-usa). WITH barbara payton, lon chaney, raymond BURR, tom conway. Written and directed by curt siodmak. Here is your chance to catch Raymond Burr in one of his most unusual screen appearances. He displays his forÂmidable acting skills in the role of Barney Chavez, virile foreman of a South American plantation. His employer, Klass Von Gelder, is an aging and heartless tyrant. His employer’s wife, Dina Von Gelder, is young and sultry and put off by her mate’s constant inattention. Chavez is frustrated by the Jungle’s endless heat and his all-consuming lust for Dina. He tells Von Gelder that he and Dina are in love. They fight. Von Gelder is knocked lo the ground and promptly attacked and killed by a venomous snake. As his boss is in the throes of death, Chavez stands idly by. The foreman has at the same time alienated the affections of one of the locals. This results in an elderly woman’s placing a curse on him, over Von Gelder’s corpse. “He shall be like an animal with his heart in the jungle,” she proclaims. “The jungle will haunt him until his death.” Chavez and Dina marry, but given the nature of the curse you know that their union is destined for doom. 65 minutes. Drama