Broadway Highlights; Intimate News Of The Gay White Way

717. BROADWAY HIGHLIGHTS (Intimate News of the Gay White Way) (1936-USA). Narrated by TED HUSING. Four different one-reel tours through the night life of New York City. Visits to restaurants, night clubs and theatres long gone but fondly remembered today. Brief performances by the headliners of Yesteryear: MILTON BERLE, GEORGE JESSEL, BABE RUTH, PHIL REGAN singing with RUSS MORGAN and his ORCHERSTRA, “PEGLEG” BATES, JAMES J. BRADDOCK, JACK DEMPSEY. The opening night of “Jumbo” with ED WYNN, BEN BERNJE, MARION DAVIES, FANNY BRICE, GEORGE BURNS and GRACIE ALLEN. JIMMY DURANTE, KEN MURRAY and EVE ARDEN, EDGAR BERGEN and CHARLIE MCCARTHY, PHIL BAKER, LOU HOLTZ, GRACE MOORE, ED SULLIVAN, RUDY VALLEE, JAY C. FLIPPEN, FLOYD GIBBONS, PAT ROONEY, many more. A veritable entertainment newsreel of the past! 40 minutes total. Documentary-Variety