Broken Hearts Of Broadway

2215. BROKEN HEARTS OF BROADWAY (1923-usa). With colleen moore, CREIGHTON HALE, TULLY MARSHALL. Directed by IRVING CUMMINGS. The Great White Way has long been the mecca for stage-struck young men and women who flock there from across America. They come to see if they can realize their ambitions and have their names brighten theater marquees. To some it may bring happiness and fortune. To others it only will mean heartbreak and failure, and a one-way ticket back to obscurity. For this reason the street is described as being “lightÂed by hope and paved with the ashes of dreams.” Here is the highly entertaining story of one such hopeful. She is Mary Ellis, a sweet and starry-eyed young woman who arrives in New York “posÂsessed of two hundred dollars and the rose-colored dream of bringing Broadway to her feet.” Mary moves into a theatrical boarding house where she shares a flat with a jaded and gold-digging chorus girl named Bubbles. She promptly begins making the rounds of the theatrical agencies. Because her story is told in flashback, you know Mary’s fate from the outset. Nevertheless, the road which leads her there is loaded with plot twists and surprises. The scenario was close to the heart of director Irving Cummings. He started out as a stage actor before becoming first a leading man in movies and then a prolific and successful director. “Silent” film with music score. 85 minutes. ÒSilentÓ Drama