Bronze Buckaroo, The

2306. THE BRONZE BUCKAROO (1939-usa). WITH Herbert Jeffrey (Herb Jeffries), Spencer Williams. Back when black roles in Hollywood movies were little more than mammy and Pullman porter stereotypes, dozens of independently produced films featured black actors starÂring in musicals and dramas and gangster films. There also were black Westerns. This lively shoot-em-up stars dashing and popular singer Herb Jeffries, who is billed under his real name Herbert Jeffrey. He plays Bob Blake of Texas, an affable singing cowboy hero who rides a handsome white steed. Blake and his pals have learned that their old friend Joe Jackson is in deep trouble. Bob tanÂgles with some tough and rough varmints who covet the Jackson ranch because they think there is gold on the property. The film is crammed with thundering hoofs, blazing six-guns and swinging fists. There also is plenty of music, which is neatly integrated into the story. In one thrilling scene a bunch of cowpokes sing about how it is “almost time for round-up.” In the middle of the number one suddenly is shot dead, resulting in a striking union of song and gunplay. Additionally, watch for some cute comic relief involving Blake’s less-than-bright sidekick Dusty and a (supposedly) talking mule! 56 minutes. ÒAll BlackÓ Western