Bruce Lee: The Man The Myth; Dragon Lives, Behind Bruce Lee, The

3017. BRUCE LEE: THE MAN THE MYTH (The Dragon Lives, Behind Bruce Lee) (1978-Hong Kong) COLOR. With BRUCE LI. “Innumerable legends have surrounded the life and death of Bruce Lee, the greatest martial arts practitioner of all time. Lee’s extraordinary accomplishments both on and off the movie screen dazzled the world. Never before in the history of martial arts had one fighter become so well known and meant so much to so many.” This at once thoughtful and action packed biography tells the story of Bruce Lee’s life. Playing the title role is Bruce Li, one of several young Bruce Lee imitators who emerged on the martial arts movie scene in the wake of the master’s death. Lee is first shown as an intense and obedient young man who obsessively practices the martial arts and completes his studies with his master in Hong Kong. Then he heads off to America. He first settles in Seattle where he attends the University of Washington. Across the years he finds love and starts a family with his wife Linda, commences a career before the Hollywood cameras and contends with a movie industry which chooses to depict Orientals only as one-dimensional stereotypes, foremost, however, is the characterization of Lee as a perfectionist who constantly and single-mindedly practices his craft and refines his martial arts skills. His is a story of diligence and triumph, frustration and fame and ultimately the tragedy of an untimely death, in the end, the film offers an intriguing glimpse at both the man and myth that was Bruce Lee. English language and dubbed in English. 90 minutes. Martial Arts