Bulldog Drummond in Africa

3159. BULLDOG DRUMMOND IN AFRICA (1938-USA). With JOHN HOWARD, HEATHER ANGEL, H.B. WARNER, J. CARROL NAISH, REGINALD DENNY, ANTHONY QUINN. Hugh “Bulldog” Drummond is in good spirits because it is the fabled adventurer’s final day of bachelorhood. Just to ensure that nothing will alter his marriage plans, he and his faithful butler Tenny have read no newspapers or letters and have had no contacts with the outside world. Drummond’s friends are in possession of his money, the wedding ring and marriage license, which will be handed over to him at the proper time. So what could possibly go wrong? Plenty, if you are familiar with Drummond’s endless quest to avoid becoming immersed in mystery while trying to marry his sweetheart, Phyllis Clavering. An ex-British diplomat-turned-spy named Richard Lane pays a surprise visit to Colonel J.A. Nielson, a Scotland Yard inspector who is Drummond’s long-time confidant. Twelve years before, Lane had stolen the plans for a high-tech bomber and sold them to an enemy government. He escaped undetected and has been a wanted man ever since. “Many great nations will pay money for each other’s war secrets,” Lane proclaims. He now is privy to information that a Scotland Yard technician has invented a “radio wave disintegrator” that, in time of war, will make it impossible for an enemy to intercept Britain’s signals. Lane is determined to know the disintegrator’s formula, in his quest to learn it, he kidnaps Nielson and murders the colonel’s butler. So begins the jolly- good mystery-thriller-adventure which will take Drummond many miles from London, all the way to Morocco (and of course postpone his wedding). 58 minutes. Crime Mystery Suspense