Burlesque In Hawaii

3020. BURLESQUE IN HAWAII (1952-USA) COLOR. With HARRY VINE (who also directed), HERMIE ROSE, GRACE HATHAWAY, JEANNE STARR, ROBIN SAVOY (“The Pride Of The Pacific”), MARGERY EHRHARDT (“The Pin-Up Girl Of The Navy”), VAL DUVAL. The way I figure it, one day Hermie says to Harry, “We need a vacation. Lets go to Hawaii, take along a cameraman to do some shtick on the beach, and we can pay for our holiday.” The result is a unique burlesque film, probably the only one shot in glorious “Ansco Color,” and definitely the only burlesque show filmed on the beach at Waikiki! Harry and Hermie are superb baggy pants comics who can do a routine at the drop of a grass skirt. After some authentic and provocative hula dancers, the scene switches to the Follies Theatre (presumably) in downtown Honolulu where the girls strip with zip, and all with a very Hawaiian flavor. Makes you want to munch a pineapple! 58 minutes. Burlesque