Cabinet Of Dr. Caligari, The

773. THE CABINET OF DR. CALIGARI (1919-Germany). With WERNER KRAUS, CONRAD VEIDT. The ultimate of the German Expressionist cinema. “A tale of the modern re-appearance of an 11th century myth involving the strange and mysterious influence of a mountebank monk over a somnambulist”. Directed by ROBERT WIENE, whose career blazed into glorious obscurity after this magnum opus, owed much to the script, the skilled performers and most of all the set director. For this is the first film made that’s worth attending to see only the backgrounds, props and settings. Wild, distorted and creative, the film makes no attempt to approach a realistic location for the story. Halls, walls, floors, mountains, are all blatantly artificial designs to create an atmosphere of foreboding and horror. Seldom will the viewer encounter reality (or even a right angle for that matter) and what of it? The audience appeal of the concept can be judged by the consistent imitation of the style by the entire German film industry for the next ten years Ñ ending only when certain brown-shirted gentlemen decreed a new kind of horror. Shadows and fights are tangible things, as we follow the good doctor from his carnival sideshow exhibit into darker evil. Cesare, the sleepwalker, quietly rests inside “the cabinet” (a coffin) awaiting Caligari’s bidding. Destined to be one of those films to be studied by those learning the art, the genius of Caligari can best be understood by ignoring the actors and story on your second viewing. Is it possible to tell of increasing madness by floors, walls, staircases and furniture? Yes, it is! Silent film with music score, titles in English, correct projection speed. 88 minutes. ÒSilentÓ Horror