Calendar Girl

2436. CALENDAR GIRL (1947-USA). With JANE FRAZEE, WILLIAM MARSHALL, GAIL PATRICK, KENNY BAKER, VICTOR McLAGLEN, JAMES ELLISON, FRANKLIN PANGBORN. Bring down your bicycle-built-for-two from the attic, and get yourself set for this delightful and tune-filled romantic nostalgia. The year is 1900. Shy, sensitive Johnny Bennett is an aspiring and talented young composer. His pal Steve Adams is a brash, self-assured aspiring artist. Both arrive in New York fresh out of Boston and eager to make their marks in their favored professions. The boys settle into a Greenwich Village rooming house that’s a haven for hopeful artistic types. Two people immediately enter their lives. One is Byron Jones, a greeting card writer with a velvety voice who just may be the right man to add poetic words to Johnny’s melodies. The other is pert Patricia O’Neil, a charmer with whom Johnny falls deeply in love. Will Pat immediately begin dancing to Johnny’s tunes? Or will she be enamored of the more outgoing SLeve, a noted skirt-chaser who is forever trying to ignore the fact that he has a girlfriend back home who wants him to return there to be a banker and a husband? Victor McLaglen adds a perfect touch of mirth as Pat’s gruff and blarney-filled firefighter father who despises all creative types and whose antics only add to the fun. 80 minutes. Musical