Calling Paul Temple

2593. CALLING PAUL TEMPLE (1948-EngIand). With JOHN BENTLEY, DINAH SHERIDAN. The central character of this exhilaratingly suspenseful mystery is suave and urbane Paul Temple, a former Scotland Yard investigator who has become a successful mystery novelist. Paul frequently lends a hand in the solution of real-life crimes that challenge even the most experienced Scotland Yard sleuths. At his side in these exploits is Steve, his lovely wife and partner-in-crime-solving. As the story begins, Scotland Yard is unable to unravel the “Rex” murders. An unidentified killer who signs his name as “Rex” has slain three wealthy women as they rode in trains. All of the victims carried pieces of paper on which was written the name “Mrs. Trevellyan.” Shortly after Paul and Steve start tracing the murderer, their car is forced off the road into a ditch by another car. The license is traced to a hypnotist/analyst named Dr. Charles Kohima, whose secretary just so happens to be named Barbara Trevellyan. Meanwhile, the killer strikes again and a mysterious “woman in gray” who resembles Barbara Trevellyan is spotted near the scene of the crime. The trail of “Rex” eventually takes Paul and Steve to England’s historic cathedral town of Canterbury, where they encounter a few sites not on most tourist maps. Paul and Steve prove themselves to be among fiction’s most charming detective couples as they proceed with their dangerous investigation. This action-filled entertainment is reminiscent of the classic pulp fiction mysteries of the 1930’s and 40’s and is a surprise delight for all lovers of solid detective stories. Recommended. 92 minutes. Crime Mystery Suspense