Can Can Follies

2634. CAN CAN FOLLIES (1954-USA). With SYRA “THE SWISS DOLL” (Europe’s Most Beautiful Girl), CLEO, CARMELITA, STACY FARRELL, CORKY McDONALD, WILMA WESCOTT, JACK MANN. A delightful burlesque show, just as it was seen by the bald-headed guys in the seventh row of the New Follies Theatre. The show opens with the ensemble doing the can-can dance (not too hard to guess where this film got its name). A Mae West look-alike starts the strip-fest, which continues with a girl on a swing, a very lovely flexible contortionist, an exotic fan dance (yes, they still did the fan dance in 1954) and a yummy lady in a polka dot dress (that soon gets left behind). Titillating and teasing, but not at all smulty, this true American art form is gone forever! Jack Mann and the other comedians make The Three Stooges seem highbrow, but that’s what burlesque was all about! Enjoy! 61 minutes. Burlesque