Captured In Chinatown

2465. CAPTURED IN CHINATOWN (1935-USA). With MARION SHILLING, TARZAN THE POLICE DOG. Chinatown’s deadliest feud rages between the Lings and the Wongs in this action-packed picture set in Los Angeles’ most exotic and dangerous locale. Amid the bloodshed, a Romeo and Juliet-style romance blossoms between Tom Wong and Joy Ling. Even as four family members are axed to death, Tom asks Joy’s father for Joy’s hand in marriage. For the sake of their children’s happiness, the fathers of the sweethearts hold a meeting to end the feud and plan the wedding. Cut to reporter Bob Martin, who covers the Chinatown beat for his paper with the assistance of his clever and courageous pal “Tarzan The Police Dog.” He and novice newspaperwoman Ann Parker arrive in time to report on the couple’s engagement ceremony during which a $50,000 jade necklace will be presented to the bride to seal the peace between the Wong and Ling families. Bob is called away to a fire but Ann remains to become part of a life- threatening adventure. She falls victim to a band of vicious crooks who hold her captive and steal the expensive necklace. This crime melodrama is loaded with excitement. The scenes featuring “Tarzan The Police Dog” accomplishing heroics beyond the capability of most other dogsÑ and many peopleÑ are especially entertaining. 53 minutes. Crime Mystery Suspense