Carson City Kid, The

2787. THE CARSON CITY KID (1940-USA). With ROY ROGERS, GEORGE “GABBY” HAYES, BOB STEELE, NOAH BERRY, JR. Upon the discovery of gold in 1849, a hundred thousand men and women trekked across the plains to California. Some were “wild and untamed spirits who wrote their names in flaming letters across the pages of western history.” One of these was The Carson City Kid, and his story is told in this top-notch drama which features a stellar cast of western movie favorites. This gunslinger is described as being “tougher than an old sow’s nose,” and a $10,000 reward is posted for his capture. Yet, he is played by none other than gentlemanly Roy Rogers, who was always cast as stalwart cowboy heroes. It’s revealed that the kid really isn’t a greedy desperado, but rather a man of honor who had no choice but to go outside the law in order to seek revenge against his brother’s killer. The Kid arrives in Sonora, California, where he meets four fascinating characters. The first is shifty Lee Jessup (extremely well-played by Bob Steele), a saloon and gambling hall operator. Then there is Sheriff Gabby Whitaker (played by you-know-who), a comic relief character and teller of tall tales-especially ones involving the Kid! Next comes Joby, a saloon gal with a heart of gold who intrigues the Kid, and whom Jessup attempts to manipulate like a chess piece. Finally, there is Scott Warren, a naive fortune hunter who has made a mint mining gold, but who shoots off his mouth to one-too-many strangers. When these and several other characters come together, the result is one whale of a western adventure. 53 minutes Western