Cartoon Classics

174. CARTOON CLASSICS #5 (1930-1937-USA). Eight Of the cutest cartoons, with FELIX THE CAT,
BOSKO, THE LITTLE KING and other favorites from the early, golden days Of animation!
1. BROWNIE BUCKS THE JUNGLE (MILD CARGO) (1934). A Van Beuren cartoon. Brownie Bear, sometimes known as ‘Cubby,” leads a safari, and sets elaborate traps to “bring ’em back alive.” One ape keeps trying to get caught, but Brownie seems more intent on capturing mice! Listen to that hot music score!
3. AN ILL WIND (Humpty Dumpty JR.) (1935). The story Of Humpty Dumpty, Jr., whose mom, mindful Of what happened to dad, warns him to be careful. After courting his sweetheart, Easter Egg, with a delightful song (complete with dancing-girl eggs in the background), Humpty battles The Bad Egg-a sinister villain who kidnaps Easter Egg and throws her into boiling water. Note how tough she looks after this ordeal -she’s obviously became “hard boiled.” Humpty saves her and even cracks open his nemesis.
2. IN DARKEST AFRICA (ON THE PAN) (1933). A Van Beuren cartoon. OTTO SOGLOWS comic-strip creation in one Of his finest films. When the Little King goes hunting in Africa, he takes along his servants, his throne, and even a taxi cab! The fat little monarch encounters a tree that becomes a serpent, a pelican who turns into Jimmy Durante, and some very hungry cannibals who plan to eat the king with French fries. Plenty Of bouncy music, and a unique animation style,
3. BOY MEETS DOG (c.1937). Produced by WALTER LANTZ. Tuneful cartoon, adapted from Gene Byrne’s comic strip ‘Regular Fellers. ‘A strict father, who won’t let his son eat sundaes, go fishing or keep a stray dog, dreams Of being taken to a forest and put on trial by various elves, pixies and other creatures. The unwanted doggie is the star witness, and the dad is sentenced to a “youth machine,” which brutally turns him into a baby. Upon awakening, he reforms, and takes all the boys fishing. Don’t miss 8 bare Of the hottest organ solo you’re ever likely to hear!
2. TOM THUMB (1936). Animated by UB IWERKS. Brilliant animation by Disney’s creative genius. A heart-warming tale Of the boy who’s so tiny that he practices piano by dancing on the keys, is eaten by a goat, falls into his father’s tackle box and is swallowed by a fish. When he emerges from the fish’s mouth, he is spanked by dad, who needs to use only one finger!
3. A LITTLE BIRD TOLD ME (1934). A Van Beuren cartoon. Directed by BURT GILLETTE and JAMES IYER. Unusual combination Of live-action and superb animation. How did everyone learn that a real-life boy had his hands in the jam? A little bird told the story! More precisely, a forest full Of cartoon bird reporters and photographers led by ÒWalter Finchell,” who published the story in their newspaper (printed on leaves). Very clever!
4. APRIL MAZE (1930). Directed by OTTO MES5MER. Pat Sullivan’s lovable creation, Felix the Ca1, in a cartoon filled with imaginative sound effects. Felix and two other feline friends have a picnic, where they encounter very unpredictable storms, dancing sausages, a snake-charming rabbit, and a walking tree! After a day Of troubles, the last thing Felix needs to see is the stork, who brings him a basketful Of tiny Felixes!
5. AINT NATURE GRAND? (1930). Directed by ISA DO RE (FRIZ) FRELENC and NORM BLACKBURN, A very early Looney Tune, starring cute little Bosko, who tries to enjoy Mather Nature. He catches a fish (but the fish spits at him), dances with frogs, watches bees frolic by a waterfall, then runs from those same bees when they torment him with a full-scale attack. Maybe nature ain’t so grand after all! 60 minutes total. Cartoons