Cartoon Classics

604. CARTOON CLASSICS #1 (1931, 1933-USA). Eight sound cartoons from Warners and Vitaphone. Each based on an extended hot jazz number (played by orchestras playing in the style Of Gus Arnheim, Abe Lyman). A pleasure to the ears as well as full-animated masterpieces.
1. THE QUEEN WAS IN THE PARLOR (1932-USA). Old King Cole, a merry old soul, is looking for the queen! Nursery rhyme characters (and radio star parodies) join in the search.
2. FREDDY THE FRESHMAN (1932-USA). College! College! Rah, Rah, Rah! The big game on campus is coming up and Freddy’s the big man in the raccoon coat to handle it.
3. RED HEADED BABY (1932-USA). When the toymaker goes to bed, the toys come to life for a hot swing session. The evil spider kidnaps the red headed baby and toy soldier “Napoleon” gives chase. Sounds like the Boswell Sisters really letting loose in one sequence.
4. BATTL1NC BOSKO (1931-USA). Bosko challenges the “Champ” for the title. “Graham Cracker” broadcasts the fight. Our money’s on Bosko!
5. YOU’RE TOO CARELESS WITH YOUR KISSES (1933-USA). Merrie Melodie #1. The honey bee returns from a “buzz” on the town to find his wife has to do his work for him. A nasty beetle kidnaps the lady and it’s the horsefly cavalry to the rescue!
6. IT’S GOT ME AGAIN (1932-USA). When the cat’s away the mice will play! A great early mouse-in-the-house sound cartoon. And they are cute little buggers!
7. MOONLIGHT FOR TWO (1932-USA). A good old fashioned hoe-down in hill-billy country has even the potbellied stove shakin’ a tootsie. The stove won’t sing because he might hit a “clinker” and he’s afraid Of making an “ash” Of himself!
8. YOU DONT KNOW WHAT YOU’RE DOIN’ (1932-USA). A wild surrealistic trip through the swingin’ nightlife Of the big city. Wild goings-on with a great hot band throughout. Minimal plot with maximum visuals in a cartoon that will leave you gasping. The final dialogue sums it all up nicely-“Whoopee.” 56 minutes total. Cartoons