Cartoon Classics

605. CARTOON CLASSICS #2 (1931 -1943-USA). 7 more sound cartoons from Warner Brothers and Vitaphone. Hat jazz and full animation classics.
1. PORKY PIC’S FEAT (1943-USA). Porky & Daffy Duck try every trick in the book lo “duck” a “bill” at the Broken Arms Hotel. Not since “Room Service” have so few tried to avoid paying so much. Look lot a surprise appearance by Bugs Bunny.
2. SMILE, DARN YA, SMILE (1932-USA). A trolley car to yesteryear running wild down the tracks to Memory Lane. Listen for the singing hoboes by the side Of the interurban line (they sound just like The Revelers), and donÕt miss the deflated Hippo and the dancing radio. Smile, Darn Ya!
3. GET RICH QUICK, PORKY (1937-USA). ItÕs the Great Depression and Porky steers clear Of the banks and invests in a city lot rich in oil. Supporting players are a goat named Gabby, a pup that looks very much like Pluto, and a gopher. Fair enough!
4. ONE MORE TIME (1932-USA). Music by the ABE LYMAN ORCHESTRA. A crime wave in the city! Not while our hero is on patrol. Cops and robbers to a hot tune.
5. YODELINC YOKELS (1931 -USA). A swinging time in the mountains Of Switzerland. Bosko saves his lady friend from the ice floes while a mouse playing miniature golf tries for a hole in one. What more can I say?
6. SCRAP HAPPY DAFFY (1943-USA). A great wartime cartoon as air raid warden Daffy defends his scrap yard from attack, after Adolph Hitler personally orders its destruction. Submarines and Nazi goats are no match for Daffy. After receiving inspiration from his ducky ancestors, Daffy turns into Super-Duck! A very clever cartoon. Three cheers for Daffy Duck!
7. PORKYÕS PREVIEW (1941-USA). A most unusual cartoon-within a cartoon as Porky PigÕs shows his own cartoon! Looney tunes were never loonier! 51 minutes total. Cartoons