Cartoon Classics #13: Bosko And His Friends

2660. CARTOON CLASSICS #13: BOSKO and HIS FRIENDS (1930-1934-USA).
1. GRANDFATHER’S CLOCK (1934-USA). This sweetly adorable short subject mixes animation and live action as it follows the antics of a little girl as she blow bubbles and plays hide-and- seek. A grandfather clock magically comes to life and tells an imaginative fable.
2. BOX CAR BLUES (1930-USA). With BOSKO. Poor homeless Bosko keeps up his spirits by singing and dancing as he rides the rails. You won’t believe the route of his train. On it, things are not what they seem, and Bosko is in for one bumpy ride.
3. DUMB PATROL (1931-USA). With BOSKO. In this deft parody of the World War I aviation movies that were the rage in the late 1920s and early 30s, Bosko is an ace flyer who goes into battle against a menacing foe.
4. BOSKO’S HOLIDAY (1931-USA). With BOSKO. Bosko’s gal Honey wants to go on a picnic. Which is fresher, Bosko or his dog or the picnic sandwiches?
5. BOSKO SHIPWRECKED! (1931-USA). With BOSKO. The title tells all in this action-packed adventure as Bosko finds himself on a ship at sea during a furious storm. However, his troubles are only beginning when he lands on an island populated by ferocious animals and hungry natives.
6. BOSKO’S SODA FOUNTAIN (1931-USA). With BOSKO. Bosko whistles while he works as a soda jerk. He very merrily concocts the most luscious ice cream sodas guaranteed to fatten the tiniest mouse.
7. BOSKO AT THE ZOO (1931-USA). With BOSKO. Bosko and Honey set off for a day at the zoo, where cages are filled with lions and fish and gorillas-and some creatures too strange to describe.
8. JOLLY GOOD FELONS (1934-USA). With THE LITTLE KING. This pleasantly plump and jovial monarch is scheduled to visit the “royal prison.” What will be his fate as he observes the plight of the prisoners and finds himself smack-dab in the middle of a riot?
59 minutes total. Cartoons