Cartoon Classics In Color

169. CARTOON CLASSICS IN COLOR #2 (1937-1945.USA). Eight gems Of art and entertainment, from the undisputed masters Of animation. Each Of these films deserves a place in the Cartoon Hall Of fame! Starring BUGS BUNNY, DAFFY DUCK, PORKY PIG and others.
1. YOU CANÕT SHOE A HORSEFLY (19401. Directed by DAVE FLEISCHER. A MAX FLEISCHER Color Classic. Two likable burrows, Hunky and Spunky, arc bugged by an obnoxious fly, who beats his chest, yells like Tarzan, defiantly sings the title song, and calls for reinforcements from a powerful fly air force!
2. LITTLE LAMBY (1937). Directed by DAVE FLEISCHER. A MAX FLEISCHER Color Classic. A hungry wolf terrorizes the cutest animals youÕll ever see especially Little Lamby, who naively participates in his own Cooking! The pigs, birds and rabbits come to the rescue just in time. This adorable cartoon features Fleischer’s “stereoscopic” technique, combining animated figures with actual miniature sets, for an almost “3D” effect.
3. ANTS IN THE PLANT5 (1940). Directed by DAVE FLEISCHER. A MAX FLEISCHER Color Classic. Another outstandingly lifelike work, about an ant kingdom whose well-organized activities are threatened by the dreaded Ant Eater. Very inventively animated battle scenes, with the ant armies (riding on snails) bravely facing their awesome foe.
4. JERKY TURKEY (1945). Directed by TEX AVERY for MGM. A looney version Of the Pilgrim story, with lots Of the World War II era mixed in (billboards, neon lights, cigarette lines). One Pilgrim tries to capture a “jerky* turkey (who sounds like Jimmy Durante), but the bird is always a step or two ahead! Brilliant Avery sight gags (man paints fake road onto wall; turkey surprisingly runs right through: man follows, crashes into wall). Outrageous fun; watch for the running gag, “Eat at Joe’s.”
5. FALLING HARE (1943). Directed by ROBERT CLAMPETT. A Merrie Melodie: WW It combat action, with pilot Bugs Bunny (who’s read “Victory Through Hare Power”) menaced by a gremlin. The horrible little creature drives Bugs crazy, and the piano plunges toward certain doom! Be glad you’re not a Nazi or Jap doing battle with Bugs!
6. ALI BABA BOUND (1940). Directed by ROBERT CLAMPETT. Looney Tunes. More Clampett lunacy: Legionnaire Porky Pig, in the Sahara, rents a baby camel, fills up on gas, and encounters Ali Baba and his Dirty Sleeves! Visit the Sahara desert with Porky, where it’s so hot, even the fan dancers use electric fans!
7. YANKEE DOODLE DAFFY (1943). Directed by I. (FRIZ) FKELENG. A Looney Tune. Film producer Porky Pig, about to go on vacation, is besieged by agent Daffy Duck, who demonstrates a few things his latest discovery, a little duck, can do: singing, playing banjo, juggling, wearing crazy costumes, imitating Carmen Miranda. Porky finally escapes, but his airplane’s pilot is Daffy, who continues his spiel – even while Porky bails out and parachutes to the ground! Delightful madness, leading to a wonderfully unexpected ending.
8. ROBIN HOOD MAKES GOOD (1939). Directed by CHARLES (CHUCK) JONES. A Metric Melodie. One Of Jones’ first at Warners: a very likable story about squirrels acting out the Robin Hood story. A fox. Playing Maid Marian, lies up the squirrels, but they’re saved by the smallest squirrel Of them all. Heartwarming and hilarious! 60 minutes total. Cartoons