Cartoon Classics In Color

923. CARTOON CLASSICS IN COLOR #3 (1938-1943 USA). Color. Eight cartoon classics from Warner Brothers with bugs bunny, daffy duck, elmer fudd and other favorites.
1. A CORNY CONCERTO (1943). Supervised by ROBERT CLAMPETT. This was Warner Brothers’ anÂswer to Disney’s “Fantasia”! A visit to “Corny-gie” Hall for a performance Of “Tales from the Vienna Woods” with PORKY pig and bugs bunny and “The Blue Danube” with a family Of swans and a cerÂtain little black duck.
2. FONEY FABLES (1942). A re-visit to our aid favorite fairy tales “Sleeping Beauty”, “The Grasshopper and the Ant”, “Jack and the Beanstalk”, etc., told with a “modern” twist. Mother Goose will never be the same!
3. THE WACKY WABBIT (1942). Featuring bugs bunny, supervised by ROBERT CLAMPETT. A chubbier than usual ELMER fudd is out West, prospecting for gold to help the war effort. Our old friend Bugs is out for trouble and not even Elmer’s gold tooth is safe when that Wabbit gets wacky.
4. HAVE YOU GOT ANY CASTLES? (1938). A strange cartoon with literary references throughout as storybook characters come to life. Filled with puns; don’t blink or you’ll miss one Of the many fast sight gags. Note the excellent Cab Calloway parody (probably voice-dubbed by Cab himself!). Try to figure out what the title means.
5. FIFTH COLUMN MOUSE (1943). A cartoon with political symbolism? Maybe! It’s the old cat and mouse game with a little rat trying to “appease” the evil cat. Sound familiar? Remember, this was wartime! Listen for the inspired parody Of “The Blues in the Nigh!”.
6. TO DUCK OR NOT TO DUCK (1943). Is that the question? It’s ELMER FUDD vs. DAFFY DUCK in a man-to-man -errÑman-to-duck fight to the finish. Finally, after umpteen cartoon battles, Daffy and Elmer put on the gloves to decide . . . you’ll never guess who gets “ducked”.
7. THE EARLY WORM GETS THE BIRD (1940). Three baby Blackbirds are put to bed by their “Mammy” Bird. One Of them decides to see if it’s really true that the early bird gets the worm. But it’s also the early fox that gets the little BlackbirdÑand don’t say that Mammy didn’t warn you!
8. DAFFY THE COMMANDO (1943). One Of the best wartime cartoons to come out Of Hollywood. Very funny, unless you happen to be a Nazi. Daffy takes on the whole Third Reich. Goose-stepping Nazis salute a skunk and even Adolph feels the wrath Of Daffy’s mighty mallet.
From the late 30’s into the war years, Warner’s released some Of the brightest and funniest cartoons ever. Literary puns, wartime shenanigans and zany subliminal messages abounded. Here are some Of the best! 60 minutes total. Cartoons