Cartoon Classics In Color

168. CARTOON CLASSICS IN COLOR #1 (1934-1936-USA). COLOR. From the Golden Age Of Animation: eight cartoon classics, filled with color, movement, music and imagination. Loads Of fun!
1. LITTLE BLACK SAMBO (1935). Directed by UB IWERKS. A comicolor Cartoon, The genius behind Disney created this lively cartoon about a little black boy whose dog disguises himself as a vicious tiger-then the real tiger terrorizes both Of them! Sambo should have listened to his mom: “Watch out for dat bad ol’ tiger-dat ol’ tiger sho’ do like dark meat!”
2. JACK FROST (1934). Directed by UB IWERKS. A comicolor Cartoon. Gorgeous animation! Jack Frost ends autumn with his icicles and palette Of wintry colors. While the animals prepare for winter, a bear cub, unafraid Of the cold, runs away from home. After adventures with dancing pumpkins, a scat-singing scarecrow, singing trees and a blustery storm, the cub gladly returns to hibernation.
3. SINBAD THE SAILOR (1935). Directed by UB IWERKS. A comicolor Cartoon. Sinbad battles bloodthirsty pirates, and even Sinbad’s parrot gets into the fight. Our hero ends up on a tropical isle, complete with native girls and a fabulous treasure. Clever use Of the giant “Roc,” and other elements Of Arabic mythology.
4. SIMPLE SIMON (1935). Directed by UB IWERKS. A comicolor Cartoon. The nursery rhyme is transformed into continuously lively animation, as Simon (sounding a little like GoOfy) and his pet duck encounter Bo Peep, Jack and Jill, Humpty Dumpty, and Of course, the Pie man (a vicious fellow who doesn’t take too kindly to Simon’s sampling his wares without payment).
5. ALI BABA (1936). Directed by UB IWERKS. A comicolor Cartoon. Lots Of dynamic movement and entertainment in this version Of the famous story. Did you ever see a camel fueled by gasoline? Or Ali Baba’s command, “Open Sesame’ answered by the door: “Sez Who?Ó
6. MOLLY MOO COW AND THE BUTTERFLIES (1935). Directed by BURT GILLETTE and TOM PALMER. A Van Beuren Cartoon. A wonderful story, told with bright, vivid colors, about a cow’s friendship with two amorous butterflies, and her heroic efforts to save her pals from a collector’s clutches. (Molly disguises herself as a gigantic butterfly!) Adorable characters, and no small wonder: Gillette. The film’s co-director, animated Disney’s Three Little Pigs.”
7. THE TOONERVILLE TROLLEY (1935), Directed by BURT GILLETTE and TOM PALMER. A Van Beuren Cartoon. Based on Fontaine Fox’s classic comic strip: a clever film about the ramshackle trolley, the Skipper, and his wife, the Powerful Katrinka. The vehicle gets stuck in mud and chased by an angry bull, but Katrinka always comes to the rescue! “Okay… I Fix!”
8. SOMEWHERE IN DREAMLAND (1936). Directed by DAVE FLEISCHER. A MAX FLEISCHER Color Classic. If this one doesnÕt melt your heart, nothing ever will! Two poor children, whose mom has almost no food to give them, dream Of a kingdom filled with magnificent desserts, including ice cream cone fields, a cake carousel, and a chocolate syrup river. They awaken to find their dream has almost come true!” A recurring theme in Depression-era films. Fleischer’s “stereoscopic” technique, involving the combination Of animation with actual miniature, movable sets, creates a breathtaking “3D” took. 60 minutes total. Cartoons