Cartoon Classics #: Aesops Fable

2780. CARTOON CLASSICS #15: AESOP’S FABLES (1929-1933-usA-France).
1. CUSTARD PIES (1929-USA). Aesop’s Sound Fables. Animals take on human characteristics in this good-natured comedy. Cats dive right in at an old swimming hole, a dog steals from a pie wagon that is driven by good old Farmer Gray.
2. THE CAT’S CANARY (1932-USA). Aesop’s Sound Fables. A cat catches a canary, which he promptly eats for dinner. The manner in which his digestive system responds could be shown only with animation!
3. NOAH KNEW HIS ARK (1930-USA). Aesop’s Sound Fables. The classic biblical story of Noah and his ark. Old Noah has painful corns on his feet, and so stalks of corn grow out of them! This ark literally walks on water!
4. COWBOY CABARET (1931-USA). Aesop’s Sound Fables. A menagerie of animals in western gear converges at the Red Gulch Cafe for an old-fashioned hoedown. The performers include a goofy barbershop quartet and sexy chorus fine, a shimmying cowgirl and a Hoagy Carmichael- like piano player.
5. THE JUNGLE FOOL (1929-USA). Aseop’s Sound Fables. Musician animals are featured here, playing harps, trumpets and trombones. This cartoon has a modern message regarding sanctity of the forest as a natural habitat for animals and other living things.
6. THE MASCOT (1933-France). Directed by LADISLAS STAREVITCH, (Not an “Aesop’s Fables” cartoon.) Starevitch was an innovative stop-motion puppet animator who worked in Russia and France during a forty-year career which started in 1912. He tells the story of a poor woman who ponders her plight as her child restlessly sleeps nearby. She is attempting to mend the child’s doll. The level of creativity and ingenuity at work here is simply astounding! 60 minutes total. Cartoons