Cartoon Classics: The Little King And His Guest Stars

1. A DIZZY DAY (1933-USA). The sun rises and smiles down upon the earth as all of nature’s creatures come to life. The cries of a damsel in distress set a gallant military man off on a most eventful rescue mission,
2. AM TO PM (1933-USA). How’s this for service: a milkman brings not only bottles of the white stuff to his customers, but a cow along for the ride!
3. THE FATAL NOTE (1933-USA). With THE LITTLE KING. As his kingdom awaits him, the tubby sovereign bathes and plays with his pet pooch. Trouble comes in the form of a creepy character who lurks about and promises to murder the monarch!
4. PALS (1933-USA). With THE LITTLE KING. It’s “Jingle Bells” season and the Little King joins a pair of homeless bums in admiring the toys and holiday decorations in a department store window. The ever-childlike monarch invites the hobos home with him where they spend a fun-filled “Night Before Christmas.”
5. JEST OF HONOR (1934-USA). With THE LITTLE KING. The king sails the seas and concocts an unusual and enjoyable form of water skiing! Upon reaching land, he is honored with a ticker-tape parade to end all ticker-tape parades,
6. A ROYAL GOOD TIME (1934-USA). With THE LITTLE KING. The king plays William Tell as he shoots objects off the heads of his subjects. Don’t miss the boxing match between the kangaroo and the swami.
7. ART FOR ART’S SAKE (1934-USA). With THE LITTLE KING. The playful potentale discovers a unique way to enjoy his roller skates and even manages to take a tour of his own art museum.
8. CACTUS KING (1934-USA), With THE LITTLE KING. The ever-curious king heads West where he tangles with some redskins and visits a dude ranch where he experiences the horse ride of his life!
9. BUGS BUNNY (Any Bonds Today?) (1942-USA) COLOR. With BUGS BUNNY, ELMER FUDD, PORKY PIG. In this short and sweet promotional cartoon, Bugs and company sing the praises of buying United States War Bonds. The Al Jolson impression is especially clever. 57 minutes total. Cartoons