1849. CARTOUCHE (1962-France-ltaly). With JEAN-PAUL BELMONDO, CLAUDIA CARDINALE, JESS HAHN, MARCEL DALIO. Back in the early 1960s, Jean-Paul Belmondo was staking his claim as France’s number-one male star, mostly playing anti-heroes molded after such Hollywood personaliÂties as Humphrey Bogart, lames Dean, James Cagney and, in his more physical roles, Errol Flynn. Belmondo expertly emulates the latter in this exceptionally colorful, tongue-in-cheek, thrill-a-minute adventure tale, which is loaded with action, comedy and deftly staged stunts. He’s cast as the title character, an 18th-century rogue who, as Robin Hood, steals from the rich to give to the poor. Throughout the narrative, Cartouche must contend with the arbitrary cruelty and avarice Of those who would wield power over him and other common folk. To begin with, his generous nature and free-spirited personality do not compliment the greed and sadism Of Malichot, the Parisian crime lord. Our hero has no choice but to abandon the city. He joins the French army, and quickly learns that it’s folly to risk his life for the pompous, decadent generals. Cartouche goes on to exhibit his ingenuÂity, daring and wit in adventure after adventure. He takes on Venus, a beautiful gypsy dancer-orphan- thief, as his mistress, but foolishly falls in love with a woman he can never have: the haughty, aristoÂcratic Isabelle. Ultimately, Cartouche finds himself pitted in a deadly game against the most formidaÂble Of foes: de Ferrussac, Isabelle’s husband, the sinister Parisian chief Of police. Dubbed into English. 114 minutes. Costume Adventure