Case Of Missing Coffins, The; Scotland Yard Mystery, The; Living Dead, The

1744. THE CASE OF THE MISSING COFFINS (The Scotland Yard Mystery) (The Living Dead) (1933-England). With George Cuzon, Gerald DU MAURIER, BELLE CHRYSTALL, LESLIE PERRINS. Here’s a rip-snorting mystery chiller thatĂ•s as British as Big Ben, and is crammed with ingenious plot twists and surprises. An insurance company medical advisor has approved heavy life insurance policies for five individuals, each of whom he has pronounced physically sound. In the following months, four have died of heart failure, and his employer has had to pay out over 100,000 pounds. The doctor is baffled, and is cited for negligence by the insurance company. All of this couldn’t merely be a matter of coincidence. Is it insurance fraud? Are the victims in any way connected? Is there a mass murderer, a “big brain,” lurking about? It so happens that the father of the doctor’s girlfriend is a Scotland Yard investigator, and he’s called in to do some sniffing around. What follows is a fast-paced cat-and-mouse saga of corpses disappearing from coffins, faked funerals and other assorted mayhem. Dapper George Cuzon, a stage actor who from the early 1930s on made occasional forays into the movies, appears along the way as a Scotland Yard pathologist. Cuzon was at his best playing aristocrats and villains, and you can bet that his character here is no stiff-upper-!ipped Lord or Sir. 72 minutes. Crime-Mystery-Suspense