Case Of The Lucky Legs, The

2906. THE CASE OF THE LUCKY LEGS (1935-USA). With WARREN WILLIAM, GENEVIEVE TOBIN, PATRICIA ELLIS, LYLE TALBOT, ALLEN JENKINS, BARTON MacLANE. Based on a story by ERLE STANLEY GARDNER. Perry Mason, the attorney famous for never losing a case, comes to vivid life in this crackerjack mystery drama which is peppered with neat bits of humor. The story opens at the conclusion of a small town beauty contest. The national sponsor is the Easy-Leg Hosiery Company. The focal sponsor is Bradbury, a merchant. The winner is set to walk off with a $1,000 prize. She is “Contestant Number Three”: Margie, a beauty who is elated because the money will enable her to marry her boyfriend. The boyfriend is a young doctor who is angry that Margie has been parading about half-naked in order to win the contest. Patton, the hosiery company representative, is on hand to award Margie her prize. She asks him when she will receive it. He tells her to come to his hotel room the following morning. You will not be surprised to learn that by the next day Patton has skipped town, and that there is no $1,000 for Margie. Bradbury is embarrassed by the affair and hires Perry Mason to track down Patton. Perry and Spudsy, his private detective associate, set out in search of the elusive shyster. They quickly find themselves heading down a winding path which leads them to murder. Will Perry Mason be able to crack “The Case Of The Lucky Legs,” or will he find himself foiled by a devious killer? The unjustly neglected Warren William is cast to perfection as Perry while Genevieve Tobin makes a tart-tongued Delia Street, his ever-reliable private secretary. 78 minutes. Crime Mystery Suspense