Cast A Dark Shadow

1844. CAST A DARK SHADOW (1955-England). With DIRK BOGARDE, MARGARET LOCKWOOD, KATHLEEN HARRISON, KAY WALSH. This clever, gripping, collectively well-acted suspense drama features Dirk Bogarde, a superb actor and one Of England’s top stars Of the 1950s and ’60s. He plays Edward Teddy” Bare, an outwardly pleasant and charming chap who’s actually an opportunistic, quietly evil Bluebeard. Bare feels no guilt as he schemes to murder his unassuming, aging bride Monica, when he suspects she’s altered her will and named him her sole heir. To his chaÂgrin, her “accidentalÓ demise nets Bare only her house, while her fortune is bequeathed to her sister. What’s an opportunist to do? Try again, Of course. He meets, and sets his designs on, Freda Jeffries, a wealthy, tight-fisted widow. A third woman, Charlotte Young, also enters the picture. She’s new in town, and is befriended by Bare, but her presence will prove to be more than coincidental. Still, will she, and Freda, meet the same fate as the dearly departed Monica? 82 minutes. Crime-Mystery-Suspense