Chamber Of Horrors

2068. CHAMBER OF HORRORS (1940-ENGLAND). WITH Leslie banks, Lilli palmer, CATHLEEN NESBITT. Based on a novel by EDGAR WALLACE. This four-star chiller details various sinister events in the years following the death of wealthy Lord Selford. He has willed that for the time being his riches remain inside the Selford family crypt, which is sealed by a door with seven locks. Noted British actor Leslie Banks plays the erudite but sadistic and clearly insane Dr. Manetta, whose ancestors were Spanish inquisitors and whose hobby is collecting fabled instruments of torÂture. Manetta is determined to come into possession of all seven keys, allowing him entry into the crypt. Through a series of craftily devised tortures, he does in any and everyone who might get in his way. June Lansdowne (a strikingly young Lilli Palmer) is one of the prospective heirs to the Selford fortune, and has gained possession of one of the keys. June is an innocent who through no fault of her own finds herself in considerable danger. Fortunately she is not alone. By her side are her plucky roommate Gina, a brave young ex-Scotland Yard inspector and his veddy British Dr. Watson. They set out to uncover the truth about Manelta and the identities of his partners in crime, as well as “the secret of the door with seven locks.” 87minutes. Crime-Mystery-Suspense