Charlie Chaplin’s Keystone Comedies #6

1. HIS RECKLESS FLING (adapted from HIS FAVORITE PASTIME) (1914). With CHARLIE CHAPLIN, ROSCOE “FATTY” ARBUCKLE. Produced by MACK SENNETT. Charlie is an inebriated tramp who mixes with an equally soused Fatty in a saloon. Charlie is sober enough to flirt with a pretty girl, leading to comical complications.
2. HIS NEW PROFESSION (1914). With CHARLIE CHAPLIN, CHARLEY CHASE. Directed and written by CHAPLIN. Tramp Charlie is hired to look after a crotchety wheelchair- bound gent with a broken leg. You can bet your next health insurance payment that the disposition of Charlie’s charge is sure to only worsen!
3. GENTLEMAN OF NERVE (1914). With CHARLIE CHAPLIN, MABEL NORMAND, CHESTER CONKLIN, MACK SWAIN, CHARLEY CHASE. Directed and written by CHAPLIN. Charlie (playing a character named “Mr. Wow-Wow”) finds himself at the auto races. He and pal Mack Swain lack the funds to pay their admission. Charlie later finds himself caught between two ladies (one of whom is perky Mabel Normand).
4. A JITNEY ELOPEMENT (1915). With CHARLIE CHAPLIN, EDNA PURVIANCE, LLOYD BACON. Directed and written by CHAPLIN. (An Essanay film released five months after the end of his contract with Keystone.) Edna is looking forward to marriage. Her father wants her to wed a count. Tramp Charlie impersonates royalty, resulting in laughs all the way around. The chase sequence at the finale involving some out-of-control autos is a humdinger! “Silent” films with music score. 54 minutes total. “Silent” Comedies