Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things

2507. CHILDREN SHOULDN’T PLAY WITH DEAD THINGS (1972-USA) COLOR. Don’t wait until next Halloween to trick or treat yourself to this chilling horror movie that is sure to tingle your spine with non-stop shivers. It chronicles the peculiar plight of a group of young actors who are led by a bearded oddball named Alan. At his behest they arrive on a small island where they converge on an eerie graveyard and uninhabited house. Alan’s purpose for coming to this particular spot is twofold. First he plans to dig up a corpse. Next he will attempt to resurrect it from the dead. Alan (who is the troupe’s director) has a vivid imagination and a truly sick sense of humor. He tells the actors that they are on sacred ground, and are surrounded by demonic forces. In his possession is “‘The Book Of The Dead,” and he commences performing an intricate ceremony to bring the dead back to life. None of his actors take him seriously. They are amused by his warped ego and the gusto with which he sets out to accomplish his task. However, do not think for a moment that these graveyard intruders will pass the night without encountering…well, you’ll just have to watch this clever and genuinely offbeat exercise in terror to fond out exactly what they encounter! 87 minutes. Horror