Clancy Street Boys

1740. CLANCY STREET BOYS (1943-usA). With THE EAST SIDE KIDS (LEO CORCEY, HUNTZ HALL, BOBBY JORDAN, SUNSHINE SAMMY MORRISON), NOAH BEERY, SR. East meets West in this entertaining entry in the popular East Side Kids series. Gorcey stars as Mugs, the tough-as-nails leader Of the Kids; here, however, he proves himself to be a sOftie at heart. Twenty years before, his uncle Pete Monahan-who actually was his late father’s best pal, went out West to seek his fortune. Now, he owns the second largest ranch in Texas. Mugs’ dad, it seems, was somewhat Of a braggart; each year, he would write Pete that he’d sired a new child. When the number reached seven, Mugs’ mom convinced him to cease spinning his tall stories. Now, Pete is returning to his Lower East Side roots to pay Mugs’ family a visit. In order to spare his mother much embarrassment, Mugs is forced to come up with an instant gaggle Of siblings, and contend with a chiseler who attempts to fleece Uncle Pete. As (he scenario unfolds, Gorcey gets to fracture the English language in his inimitable style. Hall, his perennial second banana, is as delightfully dimwitted as ever-and he even gets to appear in drag! 61 minutes. Drama