Clark And McCollnough: Inspired Madness

1609. CLARK and mccullough: INSPIRED MADNESS! (1932-1934-usa) Bobby Clark is the boisterous one with the rolling eyes, and the glasses painted onto his face. Paul mccullough is the ore with the derby and raccoon coat, and the mini-mustache. While he’s ostensibly the straight man to Clark, he’s in his own way more Off the wall than his partner. Between 1928 and 1935, Clark and mccullough starred in several dozen shorts, first at Fox and then at RKO. Their frantic, surreal brand Of comedy may remind you Of the Marx Brothers, but Clark and mccullough, are very much their own characters, with a style Of humor that is at once inspired and unique.
1. THE DRUGGIST’S DILEMMA (1932-USA). With CLARK and mccullough, JAMES FINLAYSON. The jealous wife Of Mr. Finch quite correctly suspects that he’s been gambling and cheating on her. To placate the little lady. Finch has fired the two flappers who’ve been toiling behind his soda fountain, and replaced them with a pair Of idiots (who else but Clark and mccullough?). When the boys attempt to concoct a chocolate malt, more milk will end up on the counter and floor than in the glass. Highlighted are their antics atop a high wire, as they rush to supply their boss with his missing pants.
2. FITS IN A FIDDLE (1933-USA). With CLARK and mccullough. Bobby is the world’s phoniest bass fiddler. Chaos reigns when he becomes a member Of the world’s zaniest radio orchestra, led by the world’s most temperamental orchestra conductor!
3. ALIBI BYE BYE (1934-USA). With CLARK and mccullough. The boys are cast as a couple Of bumbling photographers on the Atlantic City boardwalk, who spend more time clowning and trading insults with their customers than practicing their trade. They end up in a game Of musical hotel suites with, among others, an addle-brained detective and a philandering married couple. Note: this film also appears as cat. #2877. 53 minutes total. Comedy