Clutching Hand, The

1642. THE CLUTCHING HAND (1936-USA). 15 Episode Stage and Screen Serial with JACK MULHALL, REX LEASE, MAE BUSCH, WILLIAM FARNUM, BRYANT WASHBURN, YAKIMA CANUTT. One of the world’s foremost scientists. Dr. Paul Gironda, has just perfected an electroÂchemical formula for making synthetic gold: “the dream of alchemists since the beginning of chemistry.” Of course, the possessor of this formula will become very wealthy, very fast. A cruel, calculating band of kidnappers, led by the clever, ever-resourceful, seemingly all-powerful Clutching Hand, is intent on pilfering it So it’s up to Craig Kennedy, shrewd, Sherlock Holmes-like master detective and “the Hand’s” arch enemy, to get to the bottom of the mystery. This ultra low- budget serial offers some third-rate special effects; a repetitive music score; and a hysterically awful script in the finest tradition of “so-bad-it’s-good” moviemaking. 281 minutes. Serial