Cockeyed Comedy Goes Ape

1. SEEIN’ THINGS (1924-USA). With BEN TURPIN. Comedy favorite Ben Turpin plays Joe Grubb, a man who knows no marital bliss. Poor Joe is a “model husband” who has never struck his wifeÑexcept in self-defense. Whether Mr. Grubb is consciously rebelling against his oppressive Mrs., or is playing (he boob who is a thorn in the side Of his battle-axe, the result is chaos and hilarity. This film also Offers a fasÂcinating depiction Of a television set, circa 1924. Note: this film also appears as cat. #2838.
2. CROSS-EYED LOVE (1924-USA). With BEN TURPIN. Cowboy Ben tells his beloved that he is searchÂing for a “dangerous gang Of cattle rustlers.” Upon finding them, he promises that he will wed her. However, this nincompoopic cowpoke has much more on his agenda than rounding up bad guys, so you can bet that his lady fair will be in for what may be a record-breaking engagement.
3. THE BRAVE CHIMP (early-i920s-USA). With BEN TURPIN. This ingeniously staged and edited comedy is sure to be an animal lovers’ delight. It is the saga Of two ornery hombres who kidnap a baby, and abandon it on the railroad tracks in the path Of a speeding train. A chimpanzee named Hubert, who has just finished a fishing expedition, observes the scene, incredibly, ha rescues the tot, and goes on to further contend with the larcenous duo (but not without the able assistance Of a horse and dog). Making brief appearances are several OUR GANG members, among them JACKIE CONDON, MICKEY DANIELS and ALLEN “FARINA” HOSKINS. They were probably edited in from anolher film. Somewhat Of a mystery, this clever film has obviously been retitled. Probably *A Dippy Do Dads” comedy originally, the correct title remains unknown. “Silent” films with original organ score, correct projection speed. 57 minutes total ÒSilentÓ Comedies