Color Adventures Of Superman, The

537. THE COLOR ADVENTURES Of SUPERMAN (1941, 1942, 1943-USA). All color adventures Of the “Man Of Steel” beautifully animated by the Fleischer studio. BUD COLLYER a Superman’s voice.
1. SUPERMAN (1941-USA). Origin story- A mad scientist and his pet raven plan to destroy Metropolis with an “Electrothanasia Ray.”
2. SUPERMAN in THE MECHANICAL MONSTERS (1941-USA). Flying robots, controlled by another mad scientist (Metropolis certainly had more than its share!) Create havoc by committing robberies in broad daylight through a hail Of bullets. Lois Lane stows away in one Of the robots and is taken prisoner.
3. SUPERMAN in THE MAGNETIC TELESCOPE (1942-USA). A mad scientist (what, again!) Is pulling a comet toward the Earth to destroy Metropolis. When the cops close in and destroy the machinery, the comet runs out Of control and only Superman can save the day.
4. SUPERMAN in THE JAPOTEURS (1942-USA). The world’s largest bombing piano (really a flying aircraft carrier!) Is stolen by the Japs white on a test flight. Lois Lane has stowed away and signal Superman to come to the rescue.
5. SUPERMAN in THE BULLETEERS (1942-USA). A gang Of baddies is using a “bullet car”-that can fly as well as drive-and plans to loot the entire city treasury…and blow up the city if the demands are not met.
6. SUPERMAN in JUNGLE DRUMS (1943-USA). Nazis hiding in the jungle capture Lois lane and try to get secret papers from-her. SheÕs about to be burned at the stake by evil natives when Superman steps in.
7. SUPERMAN in THE MUMMY STRIKES (1943-USA). Mummies guarding the body Of ‘Kin Tush’ have been injected with the ‘serum Of life,’ killing a scientist working on the tomb. Mayhem in the museum!
58 minutes total. Cartoon