Colossus Of The Arena

2899. COLOSSUS OF THE ARENA (1960-ltaly) COLOR. With MARK FOREST. This spectacular epic tells the story of a group of fearless Roman slaves who, for years, have been toiling for their master as gladiators. The latter offers them their freedom along with untold riches if they travel with him to a rival kingdom for the coronation of its new queen. Why is the master so willing to readily part with these slaves? What devious plot has he concocted that will be the culmination of his and his gladiators’ journey? As they leave Rome, the gladiators celebrate their good fortune by imbibing too many spirits and wrecking a tavern. As a result, they incur the wrath of Maciste, a stalwart warrior who swears revenge. Meanwhile, the queen-in-waiting proves to be very young and strikingly beautiful. Her father’s premature death has caused her to take over his throne and she is determined to be a compassionate ruler who will not resort to favoritism in her dealing with her people. However, this kindness already has incurred the wrath of her country’s aristocracy. The various plot elements end up taking a back seat to the film’s exhilarating non-stop action sequences, which are a deft combination of brawling swordplay, fisticuffs and clever comic relief. Dubbed in English. 97 minutes. Sword and Sandal