Comedies Of Al St. John, The

2875. THE COMEDIES OF AL ST. JOHN: “SILENT” and SOUND (1927-1932.USA).
1. LISTEN LENA (1927-USA). With AL ST. JOHN. Al is awakened from his morning rest by the arrival of a telegram from his girlfriend Lena. In the message, she asks him to come to her aid because her father is pressuring her to marry a fortune hunter named Cyril. Still in his pajamas, Al rushes to his sweetheart’s home…and bumps into a unfriendly policeman. Watch for the stunt in which the messenger falls from the window. It is a gem!
2. HOT OR COLD (1928-USA). With AL ST. JOHN. The bitter rivalry between Central College and Union University is a tradition. In an attempt to break with the past, the students of both schools gather together at a formal dinner-dance to forever cement their friendship. Into this peaceful party come Union student Al and Central’s star fullback Biff Beasley. These two boys have a strange idea of what friendship is all about and the result is an enormous free- for-all. ..complete with huge snowballs!
3. MLLE. IRENE THE GREAT (1931-USA). With AL ST. JOHN. The girl Al intends to marry hesitates to introduce him to her family. When he finally meets them, he understands her doubts. It turns out that she comes from a family of circus people! Her brothers are acrobats in perpetual motion, and wait until you meet Mama. She is Mlle. Irene The Great…a lion tamer!
4. HAREM SCAREM (1932-U5A). With AL ST. JOHN, HARRIET HILLIARD. Al has an inferiority complex. Because of this condition, he is foggy about his career and misses out in the romance department. He thinks he loves a gorgeous model, but his secretary knows better! Befuddled Al seeks the help of Prince Yoggi, a phony prophet from PersiaÑby way of Harlem. In the Prince’s cloudy crystal ball, Al sees himself as Robin Hood in the harem of the Pasha of Bagdad. Can this confused vision bring Al’s life into focus? Find out in this most imaginative comedy. Sound firms and “silent” films with music score. 73 minutes total. “Silent”/Sound Comedy