Condemed To Live

2056. CONDEMNED TO LIVE (1935-usa). WITH Ralph Morgan, Pedro de Cordoba, MISCHA AUER. A spooky horror flick set in a small village, which lately has been terrorized by “the mark of the bat.” It seems that a vampire bat, which resides in a nearby cave has been murderÂing villagers by tearing open their throats. Professor Paul Kristan (played by Ralph Morgan, the brother of Frank, who was himself a fine character actor) is the town’s most respected citizen. He is a kind and gentle soul who is constantly offering comfort to the poor. The professor is set to wed a beautiful young woman named Marguerite. She doesn’t really love him but has agreed to become his wife because he is “so good and kind and generous.” Marguerite is adored by David, her childÂhood schoolmate. He pleads with her to abandon her plans to wed the professor (who of course is not really what he seems). If you are familiar with vampire films you will know this in an instant because Kristan comes equipped with a creepy hunchback-assistant (well played by-Mischa Auer). Once the sun sets the professor loses control of his mind and is transformed into a piteously evil fiend. His acts are unspeakable and the result is a truly horrifying fright film. 66 minutes. Horror