Conductor 1492

3028. CONDUCTOR 1492 (1924-USA). With JOHNNY HINES. This deft combination comedy-melodrama tells the slory of Terry O’Toole, a spirited son of the Emerald Isle who departs his hometown and his proud papa and heads of to America to seek his fortune. Terry quickly finds himself in the small midwestern town of Loteda, where he settles in at Mrs. Murphy’s rooming house and secures work as the motorman of a trolley operated by the Loteda Traction Company. He befriends and then saves the life of the sweet young son of the company president. Then he falls in love with the company president’s equally lovable daughter. Most telling of all is the unlikely role he comes to play in a bilier dispute over who will get to control the company. This battle is raging between the president and his less-than-honorable vice president. The film contains many hilarious comic set pieces. Perhaps the funniest tells what happens when Terry, garbed only in his underwear, is accidentally locked out of his room. To avoid being seen by his fellow boarders, he promptly and ever-so-cleverly masquerades as a chair! At the same time the finale, which involves a high-speed motor chase and deadly fire, is nothing short of rousing. “Silent” film with music score. 74 minutes. “Silent” Trolley Comedy