2803. CONVOY (1940-England). With CLIVE BROOK, JOHN CLEMENTS, MICHAEL WILDING. The H.M.S. Apollo is a cruiser whose task is at once dangerous and exceedingly important. The time is the earliest days of England’s war against Hitler’s Germany and the Apollo has been assigned to act as escort for British battleships, its latest task is certain to be packed with peril. The cruiser will head across the North Sea into waters just outside Norway and convoy a group of ships back to “Point X” on friendly shores. The job must be completed in “absolute secrecy.” Captain Armitage is the tough and determined veteran skipper of the Apollo. As the story of this thrilling and emotion-packed war drama unfolds, you will get a privileged look at the captain and the men under his command as they put their lives on the line for king and country. This film is of historical note as the first-ever British-made feature to realistically and believably depict the British military in action in the Second World War. It also is “dedicated in all gratitude to the officers and men of the Royal Merchant Navies,” and many of its scenes were filmed under actual wartime conditions! 77 minutes. War Drama