Count Dracula’s Great Love

2294. COUNT DRACULA’S GREAT LOVE (1972-Spain). Color. With Paul Naschy. Two deliverymen bring a large and heavy crate to an eerie rat-infested abandoned sanitarium in Transylvania. They do not know the contents of the box, only that what is inside is “real fragile.” It is the property of a wealthy Austrian aristocrat and medical doctor who has just purchased the sanitarium (whose former owner had killed his patients via bloodletting). The men find themselves overcome by curiosity. They open the box. Inside they find a coffin. Inside the coffin is a skeleton. Before you finish screaming, both men meet sudden and violent deaths. Next, four voluptuous damsels and a gentleman named Henry ride through Transylvania in a stagecoach. As they pass the sanitarium, Henry explains its history. The coach promptly loses one of its wheels. This is the first in a series of unfortunate events, which results in the passengers seeking refuge at the sanitarium. Their host the doctor could not be more gracious. However, actions surely are deceiving. Will the fate of Henry and his comely companions be as bloody and scary as that of the deliverymen? Find out in this shocking vampire thriller which is crammed with oodles of blood, hot sex and bare broads. Dubbed in English. 83 minutes. Horror