Crimson Romance

1256. Crimson Romance (1934-USA). With Ben Lyon, Sari Maritza, Erich Von Stroheim, JASON ROBARDS. It’s 1916, and Europe is on the abyss Of war. However. America remains neutral, so flyer Bob Wilson (Ben Lyon, himself a veteran airman) spends his time chasing girls and partying until dawn. He and his lifelong pal, Fred, are employed as test pilots. When his pal is fired, the hot-tempered, impetuous Bob quits the company out Of loyalty. Unable to find a job, and tired Of being called a Hun and a Heinie, Fred decides to return to his homeland, and a soldier’s uniform in the German military. Bob decides to join himÑand so begins this unusual, fascinating adventure. Pretty Sari Maritza, one Of the many European actresses to come to Hollywood as an unsuccessful rival to Dietrich and Garbo, appears briefly but effectively as the love interest; Erich von Stroheim is at his stiff-necked best as a strict, unfeeling, American-hating German captain with, as one character observes, “an insatiable appetite for death”; and, finally, there are some excellent and etching aerial sequences. 70 minutes. Adventure Drama