Crow Hollow

1904. CROW HOLLOW (1952-ENGLAND). WITH Donald Houston, Natasha Parry. THIS subtle, engrossing mystery chiller is the saga of young, beautiful, vulnerable Ann, a London lass, who has fallen ecstatically in love with Robert, a man whom she has known only for a week. Ann has accepted Robert’s marriage proposal, even though her cautious roommate describes him as “strange” (if only because he is so new in her life). However, Ann thinks she knows all she needs to about Robert: he is a doctor; he hails from the provinces, and his closest living relatives are a trio of eccenÂtric but lovable aunts; and, what’s more, he is devilishly handsome. So Ann and Robert wed, and head for Crow Hollow, the family estate, where they will reside with his aunts (who quickly prove to be anything but sweet). First, there is Judith, a “naturalist” with a very unusual interest in spiders and “killing things.” Next comes Hester, a snippy know-it-all. The last aunt, Opal, seems all too anxious to feed Ann special soup. It’s a medicinal concoction, which tastes as if it has been laced with venom. Add to the household the enigmatic Willow, a stunning blonde maid whose past is shrouded in mysÂtery. Soon, Ann is complaining that she rarely sees Robert, and that his aunts collectively treat her as a guest, as if they did not expect her to be staying at Crow Hollow for very long. Quicker than you can say “poisonous spider,” “poisoned soup” or “knife-in-the-back,” Ann begins to sense that some one is determined to murder her. 70 minutes. Crime-Mystery-Suspense