Curse Of The Clap, The

2801. THE CURSE OF THE CLAP (1944, 1947-USA). Two military training films using techniques that seem hopelessly dated today, but the message is still a valid one. You have your fun, you pay the price!
1. ONE A MINUTE (1944). A Navy training film. The “one a minute” refers to the birthrate of suckers, as described long ago by P.T. Barnurn. Whether it’s a guy pulling three queens in a crooked poker game, a phony bargain at an auction, or Sugar Swanson doing “the dance of love” at the Kit Kat Klub, the message is obvious. Venereal disease is no joke, and you’re one of Barnum’s suckers if you’re not careful. 2. THE MIRACLE OF LIVING (1947). With DARREN McGAVIN. A war department training film telling the story of Jane, a girl reporter, and her husband Frank, just home from the service. Their family plans are ruined when Jane discovers her “child bearing organs” have been damaged by gonorrhea, caused by Frank’s indiscretion while overseas. There are one million new cases of V.D. annually, a 32% increase! Aside from its intended message, the film paints an accurate portrait of family life in the post war period…and one of its serious threats. 54 minutes total. Propaganda